Foodicted Fellow Food Tummy Fills, Suddhowala, Dehradun

Tummy Fills, Suddhowala, Dehradun

Tummy fills, Suddhowala, Dehradun

It has been a while, I didn’t pen down my thoughts. Hope you all are doing well. Wait a minute! Are you asking me, how well am I doing? I’m doing pretty well.
Just imagine, when you’re tired giving exams and you have got nothing to do. What shall you do? Either play cricket or have a brisk walk with your “Would be”, right?
Well, I prefer something different. I was happy giving a wondrous examination of environmental science but due to the extravagant rays of Sunny uncle, I felt extra tired that day. Hence, I preferred to go somewhere and have a light, yet fulfilling nourishment.
I was wandering around the streets in search of a good restaurant, and suddenly I came along a poster which stated, “Tummy Fills”. Ahh, that name invoked rats from all around the world to run over my tummy. Literally, I ran to the place and saw a small shoppe, which is generally owned by an old uncle and his family.

Pasta and oreo shake

I grabbed the menu list, and ordered, a plate of White Sauce pasta, cheese burger, a packet of Lays and a glass of Oreo Shake.
It was a homely atmosphere. I loved nearly everything. The location was also good.
After a long wait, I got the foods arrived right in front of me. The white sauce pasta costs 70 rupees only, which generally costs around 120, if you happen to be around clock tower. It was yum. The quantity was more than enough. Sauce was nicely mixed in every corner of the pasta. It was “Delicious” in one word.  

Local burger or mcd

The cheese burger costs 35 rupees only, which generally costs more, if you happen to be at Burger King or McD. I won’t say it was as good as McD, but yes, according to the price it did justice. Of course, its home-made. Hence, its also safe for your health. Finally, the oreo shake! 😍 Oh boy! It was just “Sexy”. Who will provide you “Oreo Shake” which just costs you “40 rupees” only, and that too, made properly, with the right amount of milk, crushed oreo cookies and chocolate sauce? 😍😍 Ab baithke sochoge bhi, ya khaa ke aoge? 😂😂 Hahaa. Do try this place when you’ve a low budget or you wanna save money for your…… ahem ahem. ahaa got it na? 😉😉

Tummy Fills, Suddhowala, Dehradun
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