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BMG- All Day Dining, Jakhan, Dehradun


Cafe BMG Jakhan Dehradun

The name signifies it all… Whoever arrives here, would forget everything and dine the whole day itself. BMG has a great deal of stuffs to offer. It would literally force you to be its guest.
It was a great rendezvous with my favourite pals. Though we had planned earlier, what we would have, but as usual, foodies are known for their “Last minute changes”.

Food food

Firstly, we ordered Apple Strawberry Salad and Chocolate banana shake which were fairly well. It would have been more interesting, if more elements could have been added.
Then we went on to order some quirky starters like:
– Mezze Platter,
– Chicken Cheese Chilli Burglette,
– Mushroom Burglette,
– Shanghai Spring Roll,
– Veg Mexican Roll,
– Jalapeño Cheese Croquettes,
– Chilli Chicken Ghosla,
– Noor-e-ali Chicken,
– Paneer Malai Seekh Kebab, and
– Chicken Seelkand.

Highly recommended starters

My personal favourites were Chicken Cheese Chilli Burglette, Jalapeño Cheese Croquettes, Chilli Chicken Ghosla and Chicken Seelkhand. The way they presented these dishes are just, mind blowing. Just imagine, if someone brings a burger for you, which is placed inside a tractor. Such an innovative way! I was impressed. Croquettes were perfectly prepared. The sauce which accompanied with it, was also good. Chicken Seelkhand was excellently made. It tasted amazing.

Never-ending starters

We ordered some italian starters as well:
– Pesto Sauce (Penne, Chicken)
– Spaghetti Aglio Olio (Veg)
– Veg Mexicana Pizza
– BMG Special Non-veg Pizza

Highly recommended dishes

I loved the spaghetti aglio olio and BMG Special Non-veg pizza. The spaghetti was prepared so nicely, that I wanted to have it even more. The toasted bread acted as an awesome ally with the spaghetti. I’m not a pizza fan, but BMG literally changed my tastebuds. Their special non-veg pizza was extraordinary. I loved every inch of it. I would relish to have it again someday in future.

What’s in the main course?

We continued with our main course dishes:
– Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak
– Italian Style Parmesan Chicken
– Malabari Parantha (Veg & Non-veg)
– Chicken Tawa Takatak
– Kadai Paneer

Malabari Parantha is my sentimental favourite. Each and every bit of it made me feel, I’m in heaven. It had a perfect blend of spices and chicken keema. This dish is just beyond adjectives.

Coz I have a sweet tooth

A sweet ending is a must, whenever you have a perfect luncheon. Hence, among desserts we ordered:
– Dark Chocolate Momos
– Toffee Pie
– Chocolate Strawberries
Chocolate momos were okayish. Toffee pie was fairly well and the chocolate coating of the strawberries really caught my heart.
I won’t write anything about the ambiance of this venue. Its a big surprise for you all, once you reach there itself.

Cafe BMG Dehradun Jakhan
Food and Beverage
Cafe BMG Dehradun Jakhan
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Cafe BMG Dehradun Jakhan
Main course dishes
Cafe BMG Dehradun Jakhan

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