Foodicted Fellow Food D Velvet Multicuisine Restaurant, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun

D Velvet Multicuisine Restaurant, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun


Foodies are born to explore stuffs all around and my oath is to explore every corners of a city and pick the best one out…. haha…
As I entered here, I smelt the essence of something….. something which is very important before having your food…. Guess what? I’m talking about the ambiance. It is soothing. I personally liked it so much.

Foodie food…

I chose Chicken manchow soup for the starters. It was full of diced veggies, herbs, egg and chicken. It smelt and tasted delicious.
Starters are prepared in such a way, that it increases appetite even more….
I ordered some delicious salads and mocktails. I was a nagging child and I never used to enjoy salads. But this was, fantastic. I just loved the way they decorated it. It stole my heart away.
I continued to order more….. as I was feeling damn hungry. I ordered mushroom double decker, prawn double tikka, chicken jafrani tikka, potato lobeso, cheese corn roll, tandoori jumbo prawns, chicken satay(thai) and chilly lamb…..Those look mmmwwaahhh….. I loved the texture….. Its extraordinary.

Main course and dessert…

The arrival of main course was remarkable. I had Dal Panchmel, Paneer Shahi Korma, Chicken Handi, Chicken Biryani, Mix Raita and some assorted choices of breads like, Tandoori Roti, Missi Roti, Stuffed Kulcha and Butter Naan. I thought for a while, then I realised that I’m in heaven….. aah….
They say, “All is well, when anything ends well”…. So it is with D Velvet. I had a fantalicious Gulab jamun and vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce. It tasted brilliant…..
Hence proved, cooking is science while, eating is an art…. haha… 😃

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