Foodicted Fellow Dinner,Food The Great Indian Pub, Jakhan, Dehradun

The Great Indian Pub, Jakhan, Dehradun


The Great Indian Pub TGIP Jakhan Dehradun

“Cooking with love provides food for the soul.”


Happiness is, when lip smacking dishes invite beautiful souls in its beautiful garden of life. This pub is a great place, not only for lovey-dovey couples, but also for friends and family.
The interiors gave a contemporary essence. The view of the snow-capped mountains and the citylights are a treat to our eyes. I went there with my friends for celebrating a “Happy 2017”. We had a comfortable seat and kept on discussing about our whereabouts. The ambiance was really great.

Food all the way….

I started with a mocktail named, “Mango mock-o-lada”. It tasted fairly well.
Starters are always meant to invite the core of an individual’s appetite. Hence, I ordered Balls to Biryani. It is actually, fried biryani balls. It is truly a great innovation and it tasted awesome. I went on to order, Palak patta papdi chaat which tasted chatpata….. and I also ordered, Tequilla butter salsa bruschetta, which tasted a bit different, but not bad.
Tandoor items are a MUST, when you are in a pub. Therefore, I ordered Nargis kabab, which is a cute combination of egg and chicken keema and Murg tikka hajmola hajam, which contains a touch of imli and jaggery. Both of these tandoor items tasted delicious.
My platter included, Mumbai Pav Bhaji Found You, which is cheese Fondue with bhaji flavour and bite sized pav. It was presented in such a way that, one would attack on it and gulp it straight way.

The Great Indian Pub TGIP Jakhan Dehradun

Main course dishes…

The manager of the restaurant understood that, a foodie has captured his territory. He was so elated that, he persuaded us to try the Pizza out here, which has an Indian abstract. It is prepared with Jodhpuri Sauce in Holy Basil & Laal Mirch. Aaaah…. It was brilliant. I also ordered the Pasta which was prepared using Hara dhaniya pesto. The Indo-Italian relationship was mind-blowing.
I went on to order a famous Burmese dish named, Khaosuey. It is a soup, prepared with tender skills. It also consisted several spices. One thing to say, the presentation of this dish was superb. I liked it, personally.

Highly recommended dishes…

Main course of an event, fulfills your appetite by 80%. Therefore, I ordered Kalonji butter naan with Rasgulla visits Delhi 6, which is basically, white rasgulla dipped in makhani gravy. It was unique and I simply adored it. I also ordered, Lachha parathaas with Dhishkiyaaon chutney paneer. It tasted very ordinary. I went on for ordering Chur chur naan and Lucknow methi malai masala. The taste was too good. I continued to order even more. I ordered,  Khamiri roti with Delhi via Lucknow (Nalli Nihari). The steel-made utensils made the dish more appealing. Then I ordered, Kurumulaku Malabar Pepper chicken and Malabar paratha and trust me…. this particular dish stole my heart away. The awesomeness of its taste and the background piece of “Afreen afreen” took me far away from the world.

The Great Indian Pub TGIP Jakhan Dehradun

Last piece of song…

A dessert is always needed to give a final touchup to one’s appetite. So, I tried out Chikki Caramel Crunch Ice Cream, which gave a sweet retreat to my tastebuds. I also tried the Pineapple monster, which was prepared with Rum infused in grilled pineapple with cinnamon, black pepper and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Its a glamorous innovation. I appreciate it a lot.
I would like to recommend this pub to everyone to pay a visit and have yummilicious food. You’ll have no regrets. I’m sure.

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